Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Noooo York!

It's a big apple!!! No really, it's an apple, just squint yer eyes a bit, its an abstract.
Abstract, an arty farty word for splodge it on the canvas and see what happens, which is pretty much what this is. Its done with the old palette knife again, in oils on a 60cm by 60 cm canvas. Dare I say I'm pleased with it, I'd be more pleased if it was wholly my own idea, thanks to someone else on the net for this!!

Sunday, 2 March 2008


Was this painted by a 9 year old? No, its one of mine. Sunrise over the hills, but for me, its not quite there yet. Learnt a bit more doing this one, especially how things can quickly turn to sh*te with an errant knife stroke!!
Done on 30cm by 40cm canvas in oil with a palette knife.
Thanks to Chris Geall for the inspiration.

Tuesday, 12 February 2008


Bit of trial and lots of error with this one, but learnt a lot and only lost my temper twice. I'll get it right next time! Rendered in oil with a palette knife on 24" by 18" canvas board.
This is supposed to be Souter light house in Whitburn, Tyne and Wear - more info here

Thursday, 7 February 2008

High Heedjin

' Man, a love big heed's me!' So here's another one. Again, it's rendered in oils with a large pallet knife. Canvas is 80cm by 60cm.
Rano Raraku on Easter Island is a volcanic crater and moai grave yard. It is a quarry site where moai can be seen in various states of completion. Some are half carved, many are broken, and many seem to have been abandoned in mid-transport. Most remarkably, at the base of the quarry, moai stand half buried in the slope up to their chins and noses from years of erosion.

Sunday, 3 February 2008


This is my first attempt at what may loosely be termed as art. Its a rendering of Moai heads (found on Easter Island - Go here for more info). Not everyone's cup of tea but there ye go!
Completed in oils with a palette knife. Canvas is 60cm by 80cm.
I'll hang it on the wall for now but may sell if the price is right!! Come on down....... Click the image to enlarge. High definition image available.
Now i've got the bug, expect another big heed soon.